In addition to performing my original music as a solo act, I also perform with a local bluegrass/folk band called “The Nebraska Boys”.

The Nebraska Boys

I play upright bass, and I sing lead vocals in a local bluegrass band. Band Members (left to right) - Marty Coniglio, Ed Harvey (me), Tim Gauthier, and Ray Coniglio.

On occasion, I also join a local group that comes together to play art shows. We call ourselves, “FoCoSlo” as we all met at the local “SlowPickers” Bluegrass Jam in Fort Collins, CO.

FoCoSlo Bluegrass Band

I play guitar and upright bass, and I sing lead and harmony vocals. Band Members - Kevin Aldrich, Ed Harvey (me), Barry Schmidt, Dave Tharp, and Jim Gano.

(Photos by Carol Rogers)